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Outdoor Fire Pits - Boston, Sudbury, MA

These beautiful outdoor fire pits are perfect for any backyard. Long lasting and durable, they will add ambiance to your outdoor space for many seasons. We have wood fire pits from 18" to 36" to fit any space.

With the various shaped cutouts and Georgia clay or black sand-paint finish, it is the perfect fire pit for chilly evenings. Made of steel, the fire bowl has tall sides for safety and the mesh lid has a large handle for easy removal. For cooking outdoors, this fire pit comes with a full-size enamel cooking grate. To keep the flames shining through the cutouts, a poker is also included.

What's Included: Fire bowl, Poker, Full-size enamel cooking grate, Spark guard cover

  • Large handle on mesh lid for fire access
  • Cooking grate is full-size and enamel
  • Georgia clay or black sand-paint finish on fire bowl and legs
  • Designed to burn wood
  • Assembly required

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