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Heat Efficient Gas Fireplace Inserts
Boston, Sudbury, MA

At West Sport we have the perfect solution to improve your home heating efficiency. For a warmer cozier home which also saves you money consider gas fireplace inserts. Convert your old, drafty fireplace into an efficient heat source with a gas insert and enjoy a cozy, warm fire year after year. At West Sport we have many styles of inserts from rustic to modern with a combination of sizes and finishes to accommodate your home and bring warmth and efficiency to your masonry fireplace. With the touch of a button, you can add warmth and ambiance without the mess of a wood burning fire. Equipped with insulated doors, gas inserts increase your home heating efficiency and lower your utility bills, all while bringing a ambiance and decorative flare to your room.

If you would like to add efficiency and style to your old open fireplace, call or visit the Fireplace and Grill Shop at West Sport. When you choose us, you choose reliability and satisfaction.

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