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Shopping for a New Stove or Insert? Ask a lot of Questions

Thursday, October 06, 2011

When you are looking for a stove or insert for your fireplace, you need to ask a lot of questions. Let’s face it, it is an investment and a stove or insert is not something your replace regularly.

Ask yourself some questions: why do you want a new wood or gas stove or insert? Are you trying to create ambience, add heat, or provide a focal point to your room and décor?

What kind of fuel will suit your lifestyle? Wood, pellets, or gas? How often are your home, and how often do you think you will use the new wood stove or gas insert?

Believe it or not, all of these questions lead us to different types of products or to the same product but a different manufacturer.
At West Sport in Sudbury, you are not a number. We take into consideration your home, your needs, and your lifestyle. We live and work in your community and we consider you our neighbors. It's important to us that you leave here satisfied that you made the right decision in choosing your wood, gas or pellet product.

Read our testimonials and see if you should come to see us. Contact West Sport for your home heating or home décor needs.

See what Tracy and Darcy had to say about shopping at our shop:

Thank-you for making our shopping experience so pleasant. My friend and I went to two other stores before we found yours. You were the first people who seemed interested in helping us make the right choice to solve our unique heating dilemma. We are looking forward to receiving our new wood stove.
         - Tracy M. and Darcy L., Natick, MA