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Old Propane Tanks? We’ll Take Them Off Your Hands For Free

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gas Grills are a fantastic addition to your backyard oasis. The ease of using a gas grill can’t be beat, and they can turn an ordinary night into an occasion and an ordinary meal into an event. Fill your propane tanks, push the button ignition, and you are ready to grill. But what do you do with the old propane tanks after they have expired or become hazardous to fill.

There is generally a fee to dispose of expired, rusty or damaged propane tanks. Unfortunately, because of this fee, too many people store them in the garage where they take up precious space. Even worse, others dispose of them illegally in dumpsters and green spaces near their homes.

This is why you often see old propane tanks discarded on the sides of roads, in fields, and littering parking lots. But this month is Earth Day, so to celebrate, West Sport, near Framingham, Natick and Marlborough, is celebrating Earth Month. Give us your old, damaged, rusted and out-of-date propane tanks that can't be filled; we will take them off your hands for you when you fill any sized propane tank!

What classifies an out-of-date propane tank? Propane tanks that are too old to fill are 12 years old or older. You can find the expiration date on the collar of the tank. If your tank can no longer be filled, bring them to us, we will take them off your hands for free!

For more information, contact West Sport in Sudbury.