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Winner of Best Pellet Grill is Also Easy to Use

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

It finally looks and feels like spring in Metrowest Boston, and that means that it is time to think about grills and grilling. If you are in the market for a new grill, take a look at the pellet grills everyone is talking about. Pellet grills often win grilling competitions, and for good reason. Food grilled on pellet grills tastes better. Why? Because it is grilled over wood. Green Mountain pellets grills take advantage of the great taste of wood fired grilling.

In fact, the Daniel Boone Green Mountain Pellet Grill won another competition, the 2013 Readers’ Choice Best Pellet Grill. We were not surprised. Besides creating the best tasting grilled food, pellet grills are easy to operate. Turn them on with a push of a button.  You can use this pellet grill as a grill or a smoker, and no matter how long you leave your food on the grill, it won’t burn or overcook, but it will be delicious every time!

Winner of Best Pellet Grill, Green Mountain Daniel Boone Grill has an excellent price and some really nice features that make it safer and more functional than some other models. Easy in some ways, there is a lot of thought that has gone into these pellet grills. This smoker- grill has a wide temperature range that is easy to use and the grill is very versatile.

If you love to grill you will love to grill with a pellet grill. Be the talk of the town because pellet grills create a grilled flavor that can't be beat. You are actually grilling over wood, in the form of pellets that are specifically made for grilling. If you are new to grilling and want a fool proof grill that is easy to use and has great flavor, this is also the grill for you!

For more information on Green Mountain Pellet Grills, contact West Sport in Sudbury.

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