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Skeeter Vac No More Wondering How to Kill Mosquitoes

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We’ve had a hard spring her in Massachusetts. There has been far too much rain. But soon enough the weather will improve, right? And we will be able to enjoy our back yard again. But, what about those mosquitoes? They have started coming out at night already, believe it or not. As more and more nights stay around 40 degrees and above, the mosquitoes will hatch. So if you are anxiously waiting those mild, dry spring nights, you need to figure out how to kill mosquitoes so you can truly enjoy it. After all, we deserve a nice night in the yard.

The Skeeter Vac. This propane mosquito killer helps you rid your backyard of flying pests -mosquitoes, black flies, no-see-ums, biting midges, and sand flies.

Biting insects need blood and they get that blood from us and our pets. They are attracted to us by sensing the carbon dioxide, moisture and heat from our breath, body odors and color contrasts. SkeeterVac mosquito exterminators create this type of environment to attract the  mosquitoes and trick them into thinking the trap is a person.

Once they are attracted to the exterminator, they are captured on the sticky trap or sucked into an enclosure by a powerful vacuum fan. Once trapped, they quickly dehydrate and die.

The Skeeter Vac Assembles in minutes - no tools required. Just place it in a shady spot close to the area where the insects live. Trapping will begin as the mosquito exterminator operates 24 hours a day. Within 4-6 weeks you should realize a significant reduction.