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Get a Fireplace and Room Makeover with a Fireplace Insert

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fireplace inserts are the perfect solution for homes that have an open fireplace. Inserts change an inefficient fireplace into an efficient heat source for your home. Inserts are installed within an existing fireplace, the firebox, where the fire would be. Fireplace inserts are great additions for older homes, homes where the fireplace is not used, or for homeowners who want to decrease their heating bills.

Fireplace inserts, whether they are fueled by gas, wood, or pellets, are beautifully made with large glass doors so you can view the fire from anywhere in the room. Most inserts have blowers to circulate heat throughout your home. Gas inserts come with thermostats or remote controls so you can regulate the fire.

Fireplace inserts can be fueled by gas, wood, and pellets; whatever the fuel source, fireplace inserts come in a variety of styles, finishes and colors.
Fireplace inserts are convenient and easy to use for those home owners who have an existing open fireplace. Contact West Sport, conveniently located in Metro West Boston to discover what insert will be perfect for your home.