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Benefits of Gas Fireplace Logs

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 25, 2017

The Fireplace Shop and Grill Center at West Sport in Sudbury, MAA real wood-burning fire is wonderful to relax in front of after a long day during cold weather. But, take a minute to consider the virtues that gas fireplace log sets offer:

  1. Modern gas fireplace log sets consist of ceramic logs that rest atop a steel grate just as wood logs do. Below the grate the gas is distributed through a layer of sand with special "glowing embers" which, when operated behind a fire-screen, provide the warmth of fire while being almost indistinguishable from burning wood.
  2. Gas logs are extremely easy to operate. Simply hold a fireplace match below the logs and turn on the gas for an instant fire. No more logs to carry, no ashes to clean, no "restocking" the fire as it burns down.
  3. Burning natural gas instead of wood is less taxing on the environment. Wood, of course, emits particulate matter into the air, which adds to our pollution problems. Many communities across the country already restrict the burning of wood fires on certain days to help reduce emissions, and some localities are mandating gas-burning fireplaces only in new construction.
  4. Burning gas is safer than burning wood. The risk of sparks flying from the chimney is eliminated, as is the buildup of flammable creosote on the inside of the flue. Further, you eliminate the chance of spreading termites inside or around your home from the firewood.
  5. Gas logs are cheaper to use than wood. In most communities, the savings realized by burning gas instead of wood will pay for the initial investment in the gas log set in the first year or two and keep saving you money over time. Also, no longer will you need to spend money for chimney cleaning every three or four years. The sets can be purchased in various sizes for generally under $200, sometimes much less if on sale.

Gas log sets are fairly easy to install if you have an existing gas fireplace log lighter. The kit comes with complete installation instructions and it will take most plumbers about an hour.

The kits consist of a metal tray with a burner pipe in the center, an aluminum gas supply tube and fittings to connect to the incoming gas line, a metal log grate, several ceramic logs and a bag of sand and artificial embers.

Installation requires removal of the existing log lighter pipe and fittings, so that only the threaded gas supply nipple remains in the fireplace.

The metal tray is then positioned toward the center of the fireplace, with the supply tube connected between it and the gas nipple. The sand and "embers" are poured over the burner pipe in the metal tray, and finally, the grate and ceramic logs are placed over the tray to distribute the flames as aesthetically as possible.

For more information on gas fireplace logs, contact The Fireplace Shop and Grill Center at West Sport in Sudbury, MA.

LA Times

Top 5 Benefits of a Fireplace Insert

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Fireplace Shop and Grill Center at West Sport in Sudbury, MAMany homeowners in Massachusetts are having fireplace inserts installed. Some are doing it from an increase in environmental awareness. There are several benefits to using fireplace inserts, which is why we recommend these energy-saving appliances to customers.

Benefits of using a fireplace insert include:

1. Modern fireplace inserts are much more efficient than older open fireplaces, which have low efficiency ratings at about only 5% to 10%. One reason for a lack of efficiency with open hearths is that a lot of heated room air is pulled into the fire, a process which results in an energy-wasting, quick-burning fire. Fireplace inserts have a sealed, air tight door system which generates more heat because the fire burns much slower and the heat isn’t wasted. The efficiency of fireplace inserts can be as much as 80%.

2. EPA-certified fireplace inserts can reduce wood-burning emissions to practically zero, meaning that your environmental footprint is much smaller than with an open hearth fireplace.

3. You can save money on your energy bill if you install a fireplace insert. A more efficient wood-burning heating system means less gas, oil, or electricity is required to heat your home. When the insert is not in use, the closed air tight glass doors will prevent heated inside air from escaping up through the chimney and also stops cold outdoor air from getting into the home, whether hot or cold this cuts your energy costs.

4. You can save money on the cost of remodeling. You can get a new look without having to do major remodeling work.

5. They are also very aesthetically pleasing. There are many stylish and beautiful models to choose from. Some fireplace inserts are installed flush with the face of your fireplace, totally inside your current firebox and some project out of the firebox a few inches onto the hearth, but they all give a room an appealing focal point, in addition to providing plenty of warmth during harsh winter weather.

A few more things you may not know about fireplace inserts:

When installing an insert, there are very specific requirements regarding the flue liner. It’s necessary that a  professional install an appropriately sized chimney liner to ensure that the chimney’s draft satisfies the insert’s specifications, and that the new appliance functions safely.

Fireplace inserts have self-cleaning glass doors which can literally burn accumulated creosote off the glass making fire viewing practical. Since they are sealed, they can also solve occasional down-draft problems.

You can choose from different types of fuel for your fireplace insert, the most popular being: natural gas, propane, wood, and pellet. If you decide to burn wood, make sure the unit you purchase is EPA certified; to assure safety and satisfy your insurance company, any heating appliance, regardless of the fuel burned, should carry a certificate that states it has been tested to the appropriate Underwriters Laboratory (UL or ULC ) standard.

If you have any questions about fireplace inserts contact The Fireplace Shop and Grill Center at West Sport in Sudbury, MA.

Save Money With a Fireplace Insert

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 11, 2017

West Sport, Sudbury, MAAn open fireplace is an inefficient heating source. Improve efficiency and maintain that cozy hearth look while generating heat with a fireplace insert.

Sitting in front of a crackling fire is a favorite winter past-time, but an old-fashioned fireplace is inefficient and can create high levels of smoke inside and outside your home.

But an energy-saving wood lets you transform your existing hearth into a super-efficient heater that can cut your energy bills — by as much as 40%.

What You'll Spend

Inserts generally run about $3,000 to $4,000, including installation and a chimney liner.Right now West Sport in Sudbury, when you buy a Hearthstone Clydesdale wood burning insert, get the chimney liner for 1/2 price.

A couple of advantages to burning real wood is having heat even if the power goes out.

Wood-Burning Insert Creates Real Heat With Real Logs

If a freestanding wood stove is too large to fit into your hearth or the style of your hearth makes it impractical, you can opt for a wood-burning insert — a wood stove without legs. This firebox slides into your existing masonry or metal fireplace and burns real logs.

Your installer snakes a stainless steel liner down your chimney and fits a decorative flange made of black cast iron or steel or colored porcelain around the insert, hiding its steel sides and filling the gap between the box and your hearth.

A front door with ceramic glass radiates heat into the room. You open the door to stack the wood, then shut it, on most models, while your fire is burning. Most wood-burning inserts also create convection heat with a fan located underneath the firebox.

Wood-burning inserts can heat anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 sq. ft., depending on their size. Inserts are small enough to fit into most traditional masonry fireplaces.

An insert designed to heat 1,500 square feet will burn for three to five hours before you need to reload; for 1,500 to 3,000 sq. ft., you usually have an eight- to 10-hour burn window.

For more information on wood burning fireplace inserts, contact West Sport in Sudbury.

Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts Makes Home More Comfortable

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 02, 2017

West Sport, Sudbury, Boston, MAIt may only be August, but believe it or not now is the time to start thinking about home heating. Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts are an efficient and beautiful solution. And right now, you can get a HearthStone Clydesdale wood insert and get the chimney liner for ½ price.

There is nothing quite like sitting by a wood fire. Every HearthStone wood burning insert is a beautiful piece of furniture that will complement the charm of your home and provide a cozy home, a comfortable place to relax with family and friends.

HearthStone wood burning fireplace inserts stay warmer longer, keeping your home in the comfort zone. HearthStone invites you to live in the comfort zone.

Transform your fireplace into a comfort solution

The Clydesdale is the perfect solution for drafty, inefficient fireplaces. The large viewing area highlights the ambiance of wood burning while the cast iron and soapstone construction gererates a heat output sufficient for large areas.


  • Heats up to: 2,000 sq.ft.
  • Firebox Capacity: 2.4 cu.ft.
  • Size: Up to 75,000 BTUs
  • EPA Certified: 3.2 gph
  • Efficiency: 79% LHV
  • Burn time: Up to 10 hours
  • HeatLife: Up to 12 hours
  • Maximum Log Length: 22 in.

For more information, contact West Sport in Sudbury.