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Commonwealth Woodstove Change-Out Program - Boston, Sudbury, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, March 24, 2017

West Sport in Sudury, MAThe Commonwealth Woodstove Change-Out program, a partnership between MassCEC and the Department of Energy Resources, offers rebates to assist Massachusetts residents in replacing non-EPA-certified wood stoves with cleaner, more efficient EPA-certified wood stoves or pellet stoves.

Homeowners are eligible for the standard rebate if:

  • Their old woodstove is currently operational, non-EPA certified, and located in a residential building.
    The stove they plan to purchase is EPA-certified and meets Commonwealth Woodstove Change-Out Program emissions requirements for new stoves.

Homeowners are not eligible for the program if:

  • They are not replacing an existing operational woodstove or fireplace insert.
  • Their existing woodstove or fireplace insert is EPA-certified. Only non-EPA certified stoves are eligible for replacement under the Commonwealth Woodstove Change-Out Program.
  • They wish to replace an existing pellet stove. Existing pellet stoves are not eligible for replacement under the Commonwealth Woodstove Change-Out Program.

Homeowners who are not eligible to participate in the Commonwealth Woodstove Change-Out Program may be eligible for rebates for other clean heating and cooling technologies.

How Do I Apply?

Step 1: Contact a Participating Stove Professional

Each homeowner should first select a participating stove professional, who will submit the rebate application on his or her behalf. MassCEC maintains a list of stove professionals and tips for finding an installer participating in the 2017 Commonwealth Woodstove Change-Out Program.

When contacting a wood stove shop, a homeowner should be prepared to provide:

  • The year the stove was manufactured.
  • Pictures of the front and back of the stove, if possible. All EPA-certified stoves have a metal tag on the back of the stove indicating EPA certification. Homeowners can also learn more about woodstoves, including information on stove pricing and the differences between non-catalytic, catalytic, pellet stoves, and fully automotive woodstoves.

Step 2: Stove Professional Completes Change-Out and Applies for Rebate

Once a homeowner has determined the old stove’s eligibility, selected a stove professional and signed a contract with stove professional to complete the change-out, he or she can move forward with the project.

The stove professional should:

1. Ensure that the change-out can be completed by the August 21, 2017 application deadline.
2. Ensure that the project meets program eligibility requirements, and that program procedures are followed, as described in the program manual.
3. Complete the change-out. This includes:

  • Removing the old stove and having it rendered inoperable by a stove recycler.
  • Installing the new stove.
  • Discussing best practices for operating and maintaining the stove, including best practices for wood burning and chimney cleaning. Additional information on how to burn wood more cleanly and efficiency can be found on the EPA’s Burn Wise website and on the Department of Energy’s wood and pellet heating website.

4. Apply for the rebate on behalf of the homeowner. The rebate amount should be treated as an instant discount to the homeowner on the total cost of the project and listed as such on the project invoice. The homeowner will need to provide the stove professional with:

  • A signed participant's agreement
  • An electric bill from the past six months
  • Pictures of the old stove (before removal) and new stove (after installation)

For more information, contact West Sport in Sudbury.

Pellet Grills and Pellet Smokers are the Hottest Trend in Outdoor Cooking – Boston, Sudbury, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, March 17, 2017

West Sport in Sudbury, MAThe Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association says roughly 45% of adults will buy a new grill or smoker this year. If you are one of those people, consider looking at the hottest trend in outdoor cooking: pellet grills.

The popularity of pellet grills is surging thanks to word-of-mouth accolades.

It’s easy to see what the fuss is all about: Wood pellet grills give backyard chefs all the convenience of a gas grill with the oh-so-primitive flavor they seek from wood smoke. And they double as pellet smokers.

Pellets are made from select hardwoods or natural lump charcoal, which grilling enthusiasts say produce a much more natural flavor than either charcoal briquettes – whose production process destroys the wood’s flavor-producing molecules – or propane, which produces no taste signature.

Wood pellet grills vary in size and design, but operate in the same basic manner: An auger draws pellets from a hopper into the combustion chamber where they are ignited by a hot metal rod and fed with air from a combustion fan. Sensors mounted inside the grill display real-time data.

Because everything is electronically controlled, precise temperatures can be maintained in the cooker, enabling everything from a low-and-slow heat to a searing temperature, reducing the need to own multiple backyard grilling appliances.

Not only is the indirect cooking method thought to be healthier, it is more versatile as well. Besides being a grill, most pellet models also double as a smoker and an outdoor oven, which some die-hard enthusiasts insist makes the best pizza around.

If you needed another reason to feel good about pellet grills, it’s that they are a renewable resource made from compressed sawdust that might have otherwise ended up in a landfill. And being one of the lowest-emission solid-fuel-burning products on the market, you won’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbors or coming in from the backyard with watery eyes.

Of course pellet grill prices vary depending on the model and features, but all cost less to operate than the typical charcoal grill because of the efficiencies of the pellets. One 20-pound bag of pellets will give you about a dozen cooking sessions, compared to three or four for the same amount of charcoal.

And just because fall is approaching doesn’t mean you should put off your decision to invest in a pellet grill. The Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association’s latest grill survey says 63 percent use theirs year-round, with 43 percent cooking at least monthly during the winter.

So what are you waiting for? Check out a pellet grill for yourself and see what all the fuss is about. Contact West Sport in Sudbury for more information.

Augusta Chronicle

New Propane Tank and Filling Station in Sudbury at West Sport

Joseph Coupal - Friday, March 10, 2017

West Sport, Sudbury, MAHave you seen the new propane station going in a The Fireplace Shop and Grill Center in Sudbury? If not, come take a look. The trees have been removed, the concrete has been poured. Just those two things made the space look so much more attractive.

But, today, the brand-new fence is being added as well as the brand new, rust-free, sparkling-white new propane tank. The old tank has been removed and properly disposed of. On Tuesday, the electrical is going in, which means the filling cabinet and scale will soon follow. In fact, the inspections are scheduled for next week and the tank should be filled by Thursday.

This means everyone in Sudbury and the surrounding towns can start getting propane tanks filled here again on Friday, one week from today!

What’s New at The Fireplace Shop and Grill Center at West Sport – Sudbury, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, March 03, 2017

West Sport, Sudbury, MAMost of our neighbors have gotten propane refills or tanks for their gas grills at West Sport in Sudbury. Well that whole area is being updated in the next few weeks.

You may have already noticed that the old and worn out cedar trees have been removed. We have signed on with a new company that will be safely removing the old propane tank that has become unattractive over the years.

Starting on March 6th the old fence will be removed and the entire area will be leveled out. A concrete slab will be poured to encompass the entire propane refill area in order to support the new tank. The scale and filling area will be encased in a brand new cabinet. Then a new fence will be installed around the area.

Where the trees were the dirt will also be leveled to make the area much more attractive, finished and modernized. We have chosen a new vendor who will upgrade the entire area, making it more attractive from rt. 20. Best of all, propane prices will remain the same despite cleaning up the area and installing all new equipment.

Listen for Kerivan-Lane radio spots where they’ll mention West Sport in Sudbury.