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Fireplace Remodels

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Fireplace Shop and Grill Center at West Sport in Sudbury, MABathroom and kitchen remodels are great, but they can also be incredibly expensive. There are other ways to improve your home. One way that doesn’t require a second mortgage is a fireplace remodel. The fireplace is one of the coziest, visible, and practical areas of your home. A remodel is great to ramp up your old fireplace that may be serving you well functionally, but could do so much more with a manageable investment of time and money. Fireplace remodels cost considerably less than the $800 – $3,200 that most homeowners spend on a brand new fireplace installation. There’s also more than one way to renovate a fireplace, and by considering the current condition and its use, you’ll be able to determine what your fireplace really needs.

Changing To Gas

You may have loved your wood-burning fireplace. You may still love it, but you may also realize that it’s no longer worth the trouble. Despite being a renewable resource, wood is still getting more and more expensive. Gas isn’t cheap, either, but a gas fireplace may be a better alternative than pricey wood at your local grocery store. Gas fireplace inserts range in cost and design, but there is one out there that meets your budget and decor needs. Of course, you can find wood for a lot cheaper than it’s being sold at the store down the street, but this requires buying in bulk, hauling the wood to your home, and finding a place to store it.

In addition, gas-burning fireplaces burn a lot cleaner and a lot safer. In some areas where air pollution is an issue, you may be limited to when you can burn your wood. Plus, burning wood in your fireplace can lead to crackling that throws sparks into the surrounding area. This may lead to a fire hazard and, at the very least, requires constant attention and maintenance.

A fireplace remodel can mean many things. Even replacing or upgrading your fireplace surrounds can take on many levels. A new and/or improved mantel can greatly enhance the look. Hiring a customized wood working contractor can do amazing things for your fireplace surrounds for a fraction of the cost of a typical home remodel. Replacing your brick fireplace with marble is a more costly proposition, but will also create an unmatched quality installation. Even more peripheral accessories can be a great source of fireplace remodeling ideas. Simply by adding wall sconces on either side, you can create a truly relaxing and romantic atmosphere in your living room, family room, or den.

For more information on gas fireplaces, contact The Fireplace Shop and Grill Center at West Sport in Sudbury, MA, a fireplace and grill supplier in Sudbury, for more details. Additionally, get $300 off qualifying Majestic Gas Fireplaces and Inserts.

Fireplaces and Inserts for Fireplaces Make Homes Warmer and More Homey – Sudbury, Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Fireplace Shop and Grill Center at West Sport in Sudbury, MAWinter is fast approaching. If you are interested in making your home warmer and more welcoming this season, then come in and take a look at the fireplaces, inserts and stoves at West Sport in Sudbury.

HearthStone wood stoves, Hearthstone Gas Stoves and Hearthstone Fireplace Inserts are some of the most beautiful and most efficient on the market today. Right now, Hearthstone, West Sport and Smugglers’ Notch have partnered to bring you 4 free 2day lift tickets with the purchase of any Heathstone Stove or Fireplace Insert. We are also offering up to $300 off Majestic Gas Fireplaces and Majestic Gas Stoves.

Designed to fit any décor, you can find a stove, fireplace or fireplace insert to create a beautiful focal point in your home. By enhancing your hearth and adding fire to your home you can create a cozy gathering spot while increasing the value of your home. Stoves, fireplaces and inserts also make your home more efficient.

Before winter hits, make your heat work for you. Between the Hearthstone and Majestic brands you will be sure to find a product to meet your needs and that fit your décor and lifestyle.

Stoves, gorgeous efficient fireplaces, and fireplace inserts increase the value of your home, make your home more attractive, and increase your homes heating efficiency. Now is the time to save, get $300 off on Majestic or receive 4-2day lift tickets when you purchase a Hearthstone.

Contact The Fireplace Shop and Grill Center at West Sport in Sudbury, MA, a fireplace and grill supplier in Sudbury, for more details.

Buy a Stove or Fireplace Insert and Get Lift Tickets to Smugglers’ Notch

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Fireplace Shop and Grill Center at West Sport in Sudbury, MAThis may be the perfect time to start thinking about heating your home this winter. Right now, at The Fireplace Shop and Grill Center in Sudbury buy any Hearthstone Fireplace insert or gas or wood stove and get 4 FREE 2 Day Lift Tickets to Smugglers' Notch.

This is an In-Store Only special on Hearthstone gas and wood burning stoves and fireplace inserts.

If you want to save money, increase energy efficiency and make your living space more attractive, a fireplace insert or stove is a perfect solution. Traditional open fireplaces are inefficient. An insert or stove is more efficient than a traditional open fireplace because they allow the fire to burn hotter. They also prevent heat from going up the chimney like in an open fireplace. The heat is instead forced out into your home, making it more comfortable.

Additionally, a new stove or fireplace insert is an easy and fairly inexpensive way to update the look of your home. You can add a focal point to your room with the addition of a beautifully crafted stove or fireplace insert and receive 4 FREE 2 Day Lift Tickets.

Massachusetts winters are cold. Everyone wants a welcoming fire at home. Why not burn a fire that is more efficient and cost effective while adding beauty? Many Hearthstone stoves and inserts have efficiency ratings over 80%. If you enjoy winter, want to add beauty and functionality to your home, and want 4 FREE 2-Day Lift Tickets, Contact The Fireplace Shop and Grill Center at West Sport in Sudbury, MA.

Gas Fireplaces by Majestic

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 05, 2017

The Marquis II series gas fireplace fills your home with comfort. Watch the scene unfold with an expansive view of the flames as they wrap around split logs. The authentic masonry appearance and accent lighting enhance the beautiful fire. Come home to this gas fireplace by Majestic, and enjoy the entertainment and romance you deserve.

  • ClearView glass gives you an expansive view of the flames and realistic split logs
  • Showcase the interior with accent lighting
  • Customize the interior with authentic brick or Reflective Black Glass panels
  • Perfect for medium and larger rooms
  • Available in 36” or 42” models
  • Up to 57,500 BTUs

Watch the video below to learn more.

Right now enjoy the Marquis Direct Vent Gas Fireplace sale, $300 off at The Fireplace Shop and Grill Center at West Sport in Sudbury, MA. If you want more information or if you want to see it burning, come in for a visit or contact us.