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Pellet Smokers, Myron Mixon Smokers - Boston, Sudbury

Pellet Smokers, Myron Mixon Smokers - Boston, SudburyMyron Mixon Pellet Grills/Smokers are hand crafted in the USA with the most advanced smoker technology on the market.

Be the envy of your friends. These smokers use an indirect water cooking system, to evenly disperse heat and lock in the natural juices. Cook hot and fast or low and slow for delicious, tender, mouth-watering barbeque.

Myron Mixon Smokers make is easy to cook great, delicious BBQ. Every Pellet Smoker is fully insulated with 1” thick, military-grade insulation. Heat and moisture stays in so you can cook hotter and faster, with a consistent temperatures. And it uses less fuel. These smokers are also built to maximize cooking capacity for more space for delicious barbeque.